Back-end Software Developer

PHP | Intermediate-Senior | Back-end | Fulltime

About The Role

We're looking for a passionate and talented back-end developer to join our team!

As a back-end developer at DonkeyMob you'll be involved in the planning and development of features for a variety of products such as high traffic content sites, mobile apps, and enterprise affiliate marketing systems.

Your work will consist of creating API’s, dealing with databases (relational, document based and specialized), working with systems that process data asynchronously and tackling everything that comes with big data systems.

You'll also be expected to take an active role in helping us plan standards and guidelines for the development of our software, and communicating with stakeholders. You should develop a business sense for the products you're working on so you can anticipate the technical needs of the business and our customers.

We're a growing team with little technical debt, so your ideas will have an impact on the technical direction of the organization and you'll get to spend your time helping build new products and features rather than maintaining old ones.


  • Write clean and easy to maintain code following best practices in a team environment
  • Help with architectural decisions and planning the organizations technical strategy
  • Involved in software design decisions
  • Work in agile environment, horizontal with little overhead or walled gardens around teams
  • Help QA, troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues that arise with our software
  • Mentor other teams in technical constraints
  • Help in the development of standards, best practices, and processes for our team
  • Understand the products you work on; Anticipate the needs of the business and our customers
  • Stay up to date on the latest technologies and methodologies and suggest them where appropriate
  • Take responsibility for and carry features from inception to completion, be involved in the entire software development lifecycle
  • Communication and collaboration with all stakeholders; qa, marketing, designers
  • You will collaborate every day with designers and front end devs!
  • You will lead by example, inspiring teammates to do their best work and follow best practices!


  • 4+ years experience in PHP
  • Thoroughly understand and embrace PHP 7
  • Experience with creating and using HTTP APIs
  • Understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and Microservice Architecture
  • Practical Object Oriented Design skills and a thorough understanding of design patterns
  • Experience with MVC Frameworks
  • Strong ability with relational and non-relational database systems (MySQL, Mongo)
  • Experience in enterprise message queues and pub/sub systems (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, SQS..)
  • Experience working with IaaS providers such as AWS
  • Experience with containerization (Docker, ECS, Kubernetes, etc)
  • Experience with SSH and Linux shell
  • Very strong knowledge of security as it related to web technologies
  • Comfort with start-up environments; You’re nimble in your thinking, and you understand how quickly priorities can shift in a startup environment
  • A genuine love for and strong understanding of all facets computer science and an understanding of what lies beneath the technologies you use
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Nice to Have

  • Java (J2SE or J2EE)
  • Worked with and processed very large data sets (terabytes); especially for analytics
  • Familiar with frontend web application frameworks (React, NPM)
  • Experienced in configure web servers (Apache, Lighttpd, and NGINX) and other server applications
  • Experience working with and customizing CMS systems (Wordpress or Drupal)
  • Experience in specialized databases such as Redshift and DynamoDB
  • Experience with AWS S3 and Cloudfront.
  • Experience with data streaming services (Kafka, Kinesis, ...)
  • Experience with Serverless architecture
  • Experience with GraphQL as a PHP developer


  • Health, Dental, and Medical Benefits
  • Friendly and collaborative environment
  • Hours: 10-6pm - miss the rush-hour traffic!

To apply, please send your resume to jobs[at]

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